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Needle Pro Sharps Handling Glove: Size 9

Product Code: GAS350/9

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  • Certified to EN388 and offers excellent protection from Needlestick injury.
  • Highest ratings possible for puncture protection, cut, tear and abrasion resistance.
    Rated 100%
    PUNCTURE RESISTANT: •••• 4 / 4
    CUT RESISTANT: ••••• 5 / 5
    TEAR RESISTANT: •••• 4 / 4
    ABRASION RESISTANT: •••• 4 / 4
  • Ideal for handling in oily and greasy conditions, scrub clearing, rubbish sorting, litter collection, outdoor work, sharps handling etc.
  • Palm, fingers and back in split leather.
  • Oil resistant for 60 minutes and water resistant for 100 minutes.
  • The specially selected leather is treated specifically for puncture resistance and the leather cut is carefully chosen.
  • Glove liner made from Dyneema®/Inox fibres.
  • 27cm long (including a 7cm cuff made of resistant canvas).